Monday, 26 April 2010

Breaking the Bricks!

Yes, without a doubt it was a painful defeat for team Trailblazers last Saturday. Going up against a team like 300 was a real task. But we all know that turning our backs and walking away is not an option. To blaze the trail with our presence, we must first learn to walk through the fiery fire of defeat as a team. No one said victory would come easy.

Looking at the scoreboard, we all know that it is a big margin to erase from our memory. Painful would be an understatement. But team, never ever let the visual scoreline define who you are. Our identity lies in who we are as a team and not by how many defeats or wins we have. Numbers are merely a reflection and a gauge of our performance, not our identity.

On a positive note, it was good to see that the aggressiveness from Trailblazers are gradually improving. Most are beginning to kill the fear of using their body in the game albeit there's still much work to be done. There will be a lot of work to improve awareness and positioning of players as well. Don't be discouraged, team! Keep smiling because training from henceforth will be a whole lot 'meaner', like the 'mean machine'! :P

Trailblazers, know that great teams don't emerge as champions on their first outing in a major competition. The first outing is more of a test of character for the team than winning a medal back home. Great teams stay persistent all the way even in times of deafening defeats.

Great teams are dictators.
They dictate their progress even in times of regress.

So, don't let the bricks of defeats stop you from moving forward.
Break em' bricks and continuing moving forward!

Breaking the bricks of defeat!

Go Trailblazers!

Sunday, 4 April 2010

More to come!

To team Trailblazers, thank you for giving your utmost best in the game against FireBRANDS Patriots. You people made us proud to be Spearhead Floorballers! :) To team Spearhead, congratulations over the win last Saturday against team Frontliners 300! Job well done! Here's a shout out to Frontliners 300 - GREAT GAME, All the best in the upcoming matches! A friendly in the future perhaps? ;)

So far, the experience together as a team has been one that is unforgettable. Team, if you look back, we are only about 4 months old and look how far we've come! Kudos to each and everyone of you!

Blazing the Trail!

Warming up!

Pep talk to boost some confidence!

The moment of truth!

Game on!

Roughing it out!

Spearheading the way!

The supporters!

Face-off against the mighty Spartans!


Fhail, two hands!!!

Captain Daniel!

Final score, 4-2!

Good job, team!


.... censored... censored... :P

More to come peeps. More memories, more history to create! Brace yourself.


Forward Motion

In floorball, when a player wants to take a shot or make a solid pass, there's this term that we use known as 'forward motion'. Forward motion is the positioning of your body when you're about to take a shot or to make a strong hard pass, whereby you take a step forward resulting with your body moving forward as well. And as the shot or pass is being made, your hand also shifts into a forward motion, or some call it follow-through, giving the shot or the pass the extra power needed. Likewise, in your commitment and progress in floorball both as a player and as a team, we must always be in a forward motion.

Forward motion.

Trailblazers faced FireBRANDS Patriots this morning. The morning began with a low key as only a handful of players were able to make it for the match. Everybody seemed a little disheartened and nervous. Whether or not we are outnumbered, we go full-on in our game. We cannot be shaken because we play for the team. And so Trailblazers did just that. It was obvious that Trailblazers struggled to keep up with Patriots. Players were getting tired and some were losing focus. In the end, we lost. 5-0.

Was it a painful defeat?

Did we make mistakes?

Did we give our best?

The last question is the one that each of you must answer in all honesty. If your answer is a resounding YES, then stand up with your head held high. You gave all you could for your team and that is something no scoreboards can display. But if your answer is No, then take this as a hard lesson. Learn and grow from it.

Team, forward motion applies to how we are as a player and as a team. Sometimes in floorball, no matter how perfect our technical skills are, even when we take a shot with good proper forward motion, we may still come up short and not be able to score. But the essential lesson here is that we are always in a forward motion. As long as we are moving forward, we are sure to stand a chance at scoring a goal... we are sure to grow as a player and as a team.

Trailblazers, don't be discouraged. This is only the beginning of a journey filled with both ups and downs. Brace yourself for victories and defeats... But more importantly, brace yourself as you challenge your whole being to constantly learn and grow, to always be moving forward to the next level.

If you want to score goals, get into the forward motion.