Tuesday, 13 July 2010


To all Spearhead members, please take note of the following dates!

Date: 24th July 2010, Saturday
Time: 12pm-2pm
Venue: FRU

The 24th July will be a training session. We're gonna pump up the intensity! :)

Also, please take note that we will be having a friendly once again against Contact on the following date.

Date: 31st July 2010, Saturday
Time: 12pm-2.30pm
Venue: Balik Pulau Sports Complex

For the friendly match, Spearhead will be donning the WHITE t-shirt. Contact will be wearing red. Peeps, please check your e-mail and reply if you can or cannot make it for the training and friendly. We're heading towards the second half of the year already. Let's pick up the pace!


Thursday, 17 June 2010

Friendly Match: Spearhead vs. PFS/MGS

To all Spearhead members,

Please take note that there will be a friendly match against Penang Free School and Methodist Girls' School this coming Saturday! Details as below:

Date: 19th June 2010, Saturday
Time: 11am-1pm (Spearhead members are to be at the hall by 10.45am)
Venue: FRU

Please come in your RED jersey. Also, be prepared to stay back a little longer for announcements. See you people this Saturday!


The friendly against the Sabahan a couple of weeks back was a good training ground for us as a team. Although unheard of to most of the players, the Sabahan gave Spearhead a positive and good impression with their nifty and good flow of floorball game-play. Although we lost big time to the Sabahan, it was a really good platform not just to learn from them, but also to meet more floorballers around Malaysia and to know that the sport is growing and therefore, we need to grow as well so that we can compete at a higher level as the game continues to move forward. The challenge in floorball for us is to always continuously grow both as an individual and as a team.

The Sabahans, although unheard of by many, was a good team.
Played well as a team and as individuals.

Spearhead all pumped up for the friendly!

Working hard on court.

Watch the drag!

A good test for Syahmi, Spearhead's goalkeeper.

With that in mind, training will have a brand new 'challenge' for you guys! Be ready cause' it's gonna hit you real hard. Training sessions will be more fun, intensive and a whole lot more meaner!


Thursday, 27 May 2010

Friendly Match: Spearhead vs Sabahans!

Hey team, yes, you heard it right! There will be a friendly match going on this Saturday between Spearhead Floorball Club and... er... Just a bunch of Sabahan Floorballers! :) Please take note of the details of the match:

Date: 29th May 2010, Saturday
Time: 11am-2pm
Venue: FRU

This will be a great opportunity for all Spearheaders' to widen your range of experience. This group of Sabahans are regular floorballers and they too are excited to play and learn from Spearhead Floorball Club. Team, it's important to keep the momentum going even after the league is over. Yes, yes, it's the exam season for everyone. Study hard and smart for your exams when you have the time but when you come on court, come with a winning spirit! Time to up the intensity, team! How many percent? 110%? No, no... Time to go beyond the 110% mark...

150%! :)


Monday, 10 May 2010

The Beginning of an End.

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. However, know that this is only the beginning of an end for all of us! The finale at Balik Pulau Sports Complex was one that will definitely be playing in our heads for quite sometime. Both teams, Spearhead and Trailblazers, exited the league with such gusto that it resonated a sense of satisfaction in the stadium.

Spearhead started the closing of PFL Division II by facing their final challenge - team FireBRANDS Patriots. What a way to end the league indeed! And no, it wasn't the scoreline that made our day. The scoreline was merely a bonus. What was really impressive was the joy of seeing a glimpse of what the team could achieve if everyone played their role well, communicated as a team, worked hard and focussed on the objective. The objective for the game was to try to piece up what we couldn't execute in our previous matches, to focus on playing 'floorball' rather than just a game of 'hit-and-run'. It took some time for us to get our rhythm going but once the second period whistled away, Spearhead finally picked up the missing pieces and piece them up beautifully! Very well done, team! While Spearhead started the closing of Division II, Trailblazers on the other hand closed it with the final match of the league, facing the eventual champions - FireBRANDS!

All of us knew that it was going to be a hard match play. And after the big loss against 300, it wasn't going to be any easier for us. But guess what? Trailblazers is all about blazing the trail in the face of defeat or victory! Most would think that you can only leave a legacy behind if you win something. Truth is, even if you lose, you can still leave a strong impression or legacy behind, it's a matter of choice. Speaking of choice, the coaches gave Trailblazers two options prior to the match (which we will keep undisclosed here :P) and from the two options, they chose the harder way out and for that we truly salute you people! Consider it a test, and you passed it with flying colours! Your courage, determination and team spirit will go a long way and will inspire others along this 'trail' ;) Although you guys loss, you guys left a strong impression of positive character and a united spirit. Indeed, Spearhead is proud of you!

Three cheers: Hip, hip, hooray!

Traiblazers, you played with much positive character!
Keep it up!

The closing ceremony and prize giving award was a blast! It was time to acknowledge the teams that have worked hard and earned their medals. Team Spearhead, the newest team in town along with team Trailblazers, came in second in the Penang Floorball League Division II 2010! Congratulations peeps!!!

The boys, receiving their medals!

We also want to take this opportunity to congratulate the other teams in PFL Div II 2010. To team FireBrands, 300 and team Patriots, great job in the league! It was indeed a privilege to be able to play against all of you. What a learning experience it has been! We wish you all the best in your future games :)

The Champs! - Team FireBRANDS

The 2nd Runner-Up! - Team 300

There's just one more award to be announced and that's the PFL Div II All-Star team! Who would've thought that 3 players from Spearhead Floorball Club earned themselves a spot in the All-Star team! Awesome stuff peeps! To Daniel Boey (centre, team Spearhead), Ruben Lai (right defender, team Spearhead) and Amelia Lim (left defender, team Trailblazers - and the only girl in the All-Star Team :P), a big congratulations to each of you! Very well done! Do know that the whole team is extremely proud of you guys! Continue to work hard and inspire others to do likewise!

PFL Div II 2010 All-Star Team
From left:
Tristan (Forward, team 300), Daniel Tan (Forward, team FireBRANDS), Daniel Boey (Centre, team Spearhead), Ruben Lai (Defender, team Spearhead), Amelia Lim (Defender, team Trailblazers) and Omprakash (Goalkeeper, team 300).
Congratulations to the All-Star team!

At the end of the league, you would realize that it's not so much of the medal or the trophy that really matter but more than that, it's the process of achieving a common goal together as a team that makes it worthwhile. Team, this is only the beginning. This part of the phase has ended, the journey ahead will intensify (just as training will intensify with 'killers' :P). Remember, all of you can only move forward if only you choose to do so.

Brace yourself.

Greater things await us, team.

Spearhead Floorball Club,
Penang Floorball League Division II 2010!

Monday, 26 April 2010

Breaking the Bricks!

Yes, without a doubt it was a painful defeat for team Trailblazers last Saturday. Going up against a team like 300 was a real task. But we all know that turning our backs and walking away is not an option. To blaze the trail with our presence, we must first learn to walk through the fiery fire of defeat as a team. No one said victory would come easy.

Looking at the scoreboard, we all know that it is a big margin to erase from our memory. Painful would be an understatement. But team, never ever let the visual scoreline define who you are. Our identity lies in who we are as a team and not by how many defeats or wins we have. Numbers are merely a reflection and a gauge of our performance, not our identity.

On a positive note, it was good to see that the aggressiveness from Trailblazers are gradually improving. Most are beginning to kill the fear of using their body in the game albeit there's still much work to be done. There will be a lot of work to improve awareness and positioning of players as well. Don't be discouraged, team! Keep smiling because training from henceforth will be a whole lot 'meaner', like the 'mean machine'! :P

Trailblazers, know that great teams don't emerge as champions on their first outing in a major competition. The first outing is more of a test of character for the team than winning a medal back home. Great teams stay persistent all the way even in times of deafening defeats.

Great teams are dictators.
They dictate their progress even in times of regress.

So, don't let the bricks of defeats stop you from moving forward.
Break em' bricks and continuing moving forward!

Breaking the bricks of defeat!

Go Trailblazers!

Sunday, 4 April 2010

More to come!

To team Trailblazers, thank you for giving your utmost best in the game against FireBRANDS Patriots. You people made us proud to be Spearhead Floorballers! :) To team Spearhead, congratulations over the win last Saturday against team Frontliners 300! Job well done! Here's a shout out to Frontliners 300 - GREAT GAME, All the best in the upcoming matches! A friendly in the future perhaps? ;)

So far, the experience together as a team has been one that is unforgettable. Team, if you look back, we are only about 4 months old and look how far we've come! Kudos to each and everyone of you!

Blazing the Trail!

Warming up!

Pep talk to boost some confidence!

The moment of truth!

Game on!

Roughing it out!

Spearheading the way!

The supporters!

Face-off against the mighty Spartans!


Fhail, two hands!!!

Captain Daniel!

Final score, 4-2!

Good job, team!


.... censored... censored... :P

More to come peeps. More memories, more history to create! Brace yourself.


Forward Motion

In floorball, when a player wants to take a shot or make a solid pass, there's this term that we use known as 'forward motion'. Forward motion is the positioning of your body when you're about to take a shot or to make a strong hard pass, whereby you take a step forward resulting with your body moving forward as well. And as the shot or pass is being made, your hand also shifts into a forward motion, or some call it follow-through, giving the shot or the pass the extra power needed. Likewise, in your commitment and progress in floorball both as a player and as a team, we must always be in a forward motion.

Forward motion.

Trailblazers faced FireBRANDS Patriots this morning. The morning began with a low key as only a handful of players were able to make it for the match. Everybody seemed a little disheartened and nervous. Whether or not we are outnumbered, we go full-on in our game. We cannot be shaken because we play for the team. And so Trailblazers did just that. It was obvious that Trailblazers struggled to keep up with Patriots. Players were getting tired and some were losing focus. In the end, we lost. 5-0.

Was it a painful defeat?

Did we make mistakes?

Did we give our best?

The last question is the one that each of you must answer in all honesty. If your answer is a resounding YES, then stand up with your head held high. You gave all you could for your team and that is something no scoreboards can display. But if your answer is No, then take this as a hard lesson. Learn and grow from it.

Team, forward motion applies to how we are as a player and as a team. Sometimes in floorball, no matter how perfect our technical skills are, even when we take a shot with good proper forward motion, we may still come up short and not be able to score. But the essential lesson here is that we are always in a forward motion. As long as we are moving forward, we are sure to stand a chance at scoring a goal... we are sure to grow as a player and as a team.

Trailblazers, don't be discouraged. This is only the beginning of a journey filled with both ups and downs. Brace yourself for victories and defeats... But more importantly, brace yourself as you challenge your whole being to constantly learn and grow, to always be moving forward to the next level.

If you want to score goals, get into the forward motion.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

A Learning Curve

After much anticipation over the match against FireBRANDS, team Spearhead finally experienced their first defeat in the PFL Div II. Indeed, it is a painful pill to swallow. But once again, it must be acknowledged that team Spearhead played really well. No doubt that everyone gave all they could give for the cause of the team. Great play, team! Dont' be discouraged by the scoreline but instead, be encouraged on the gradual progress and improvement all of you are showing after each and every game. Keep it up! We must also congratulate FireBRANDS for an excellent game. Great game!

All set to start the game!

It's never easy losing games. Truth is, losing without learning is the real loss BUT if you learn a thing or two in your losses, then you have actually won something back in return. So team, learn from the experience. Don't be bogged down by the defeat, but reflect and think back what you can learn from that and how you can use that experience to improve yourself as a player and as a team. We need to constantly be moving forward in our learning curve if we ever want to be a good player and a great team.

Team Spearhead, playing with their hearts out!

There are a 2 key things we can learn from the game which we need to learn to apply so that we can better ourselves and the team.

1. Our actions as a player/individual will and can affect the entire team.
Spearhead is a TEAM, not an individual.

Remember, whatever we do as a player or as an individual will and can affect the team as a whole. If we are to put our team first, then we must always be careful in the things that we say and do both on-court and off-court. We must learn not to jeopardize our team with our actions because at Spearhead Floorball Club, the team comes first.

Let's learn to think as a TEAM and not as an individual.

2. Communication is crucial
To be a strong and tight team altogether, communication is everything. No team can survive without talking to one another.

During the match against FireBRANDS, we made numerous mistakes in our substitutions due to the lack of communication in the team. Players got confused as to who they should change with. and the direct consequence to that was a 2 minutes penalty bench. A hard lesson but a good one to learn from.

As a team, we must learn to communicate both on-court and off-court. We must learn to listen to one another. Players must also learn to communicate with their coaches. If communication is strong in a team, it will help the team to grow a whole lot faster and to function a whole lot smoother. There is a saying that goes, "Effective teams have teammates who are constantly talking to one another".

Team, let's start communicating!

Learning together from the game.

We are gradually growing as a team and that is a positive sign. As long as we are moving forward towards the right direction together, then we are good. Job well done in the game against FireBRANDS, team. Don't be disheartened by the scoreline. Use the scoreline as a boost to push you harder in training. Turn the negative energy into a positive one! Think about the game and think how you can learn from it - Reflection brings about correction, correction brings about perfection! ;)

We have two more games to go peeps. Continue to focus on what's ahead. Training will intensify in itself. So prepare yourself, exciting times ahead!

Who are we??!!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Balik Pulau, here we come!

As most of you would know already, our training tomorrow will be held in Balik Pulau Sports Complex! Woo Hoo! Our first ever training in a full-size court! Be ready to sweat and give 110%!

See you people tomorrow (18th March 2010) at Balik Pulau, 11am-2pm! ;)


Thursday, 11 March 2010

3 hours Training!

Spearhead members please take note of training this Saturday!

Training will be held at FRU, Jalan Padang Tembak this Saturday morning, 13th March 2010, from 11am-2pm! Please take note that training will go on for an extra hour. 3 hours training this Saturday! All Spearhead members are expected to be there as usual. If you can't make it, please inform Chris or Penny by Friday night latest.

Also, for those who have not paid the monthly fee, registration fee for PFL, registration fee for PFA and Jersey, please do so by this Saturday. Nia will be calling her 'ah long' gang if you guys don't pay up by this Saturday! ;)

See you people this Saturday!


Sunday, 7 March 2010

Historic moment: Spearhead & Trailblazers, marching forward!

6th March 2010.

Remember this particular date...

Because Spearhead Floorball Club has made history! Yes, we finally made our official maiden appearance in the Penang Floorball scene as we played our first ever Penang Floorball League Division II match. And there's no better way to officiate our appearance other than playing against/together with our fellow team mates! Spearhead versus Trailblazers! What a way to start the league! This is the beginning of our journey as a team. Let's stand united as we march forward for greater things ahead!

It really was quite an auspicious match for both Spearhead and Trailblazers. Not only did we play our first match together but we also donned our jersey and t-shirt for the first time ever! Woohoo! Red represents the colour of strength and energy, power and determination. White on the other hand represents positive character, something we emphasize a lot as a team! Red and white together represents the essence of Spearhead Floorball Club!

Everyone seems stressed out... First match jitters!

On second thought, maybe not... :P

Everybody seemed a little jittery being on a full size court for the first time. Understandably so but everyone settled in eventually and played fairly well! In hindsight, it was a blessing in disguise that we got to play against each other. It helped all of us to get a good feel of the court and to know how the game is conducted. Be sure that the intensity of the league will definitely pick up from hence forth! Playing against other teams in the league will definitely be a test. Through the coming matches, let's play to win and play to learn. Winning without learning is a loss in itself. So make sure that each time we step into a match, learn from each other, learn from your opponents and learn from your mistakes! Keep it up Spearhead and Trailblazers!

In regards to the game, Spearhead took control majority of the match while Trailblazers gave them some good scares here and there. But as mentioned, this is only the first match and more challenging teams await us. It's a good start for both teams but the real test will come soon! So, be excited! We must really applaud a few people here.

Winnie, Goalkeeper for Trailblazers!
GREAT JOB, Winnie! This stand-in goalkeeper has no experience and yet was willing to be the last wall of defence for the sake of the team. *Salute*Salute*. It's always satisfying to see players who are willing to give a shot at something new for the sake of the team and this time, Winnie was that person. Keep it up!

Amelia Lim - Man (Woman :P) Match for Team Trailblazers!
This girl may seem friendly and smiley from the outside but when she's on court, you better not mess around with her! She showed physical toughness in the game and wasn't afraid to go for the ball even though she was playing against people twice her size! Very passionate and sporting! Keep it up!

Kevin Low Soon Wei - Man of the Match for Team Spearhead!
He's been playing floorball for hardly 4 months but has shown great interest and commitment to the team (bought new stick some more :P). Playing the forward position, he made some good runs today and took some good shots at goal. Good job! Keep up the goalscoring streak!

Above all, we want to say a big JOB WELL DONE to both Spearhead and Trailblazers members! Don't ever think that just because you weren't awarded the man of the match title meant that you did not do well. Not true! Everyone plays an important role. Know that all of you contributed to the team and that's what is most important when we come together as a team. Always remember this;

We win and lose together as a team because in Spearhead Floorball Club,
it's the TEAM that makes the player a star and
not the player that makes the team a star.

Cause' that's the way we roll yo'!


And one for the family!

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Our first game ever!

After much uncertainty as to whether or not we will be playing this Saturday, 6th March 2010, due to Bukit Jambul's 'Aku Janji' ceremony for all the form 3 and form 5 students, we have received good news that the principal of Bukit Jambul has agreed to release those who are involved in the competition to leave early from the ceremony! Awesome!

So team Spearhead and Trailblazers, please take note that our first ever Penang Floorball League Division II match this Saturday is game on!!!!!

Take note of the details of the match below:

Date: 6th March 2010, Saturday
Time: The game will start at 12pm sharp!
Venue: Balik Pulau Sports Complex (below is a map to the location)

Spearhead and Trailblazers players are to be at Balik Pulau Sports Complex by 11.15am sharp. So team, remember to be there on time ya. Quickly sort out any transportation arrangements if there is a need to do so. We don't want to be forfeited for being late!

Please also be reminded that all players are to bring their original IC for identification purposes. Without your original IC, you will not be allowed to play. So please remember to bring! Very important.

Be excited team! This is your debut! When you step into that court, you're no more an individual, you're a team.

You are Spearhead.

Time to be the leading element!

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Push the tempo!

Take note team Spearhead, this Saturday, 27th February 2010, Spearhead training will be held at Rifle Range from 11am-1pm. As always, all members are expected to be there.

The announcement of the teams that Spearhead will be sending was made last Saturday. Team, be excited! As we prepare ourselves for PFL Division II, let's also be prepared to push the tempo of our training sessions a notch higher... Yes, let's keep pushing the tempo week by week! The harder you train, you'll not only be hard, but you'll be hard to beat! Remember team, play like you're in line 1 but train like you're in line 2!


(Let the answer ring in your ears!)


GSN CNY Party News!

Gateway Sports Network has updated their website with the latest news on the recent Chinese New Year Party held last Saturday night!

Visit www.gatewaysports.com.my for more stories and photos of the event!

Gateway Sports Network
Chinese New Year Party!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Training and Party!

After a good week of CNY break, it's time to get back on track! Yes, time to lace up your shoe, grab your floorball stick and head back for training! Since most of you have already gotten' your brand new floorball stick, it's time to put it to some good use, eh? ;)

Team, please take note that this week's training will be held at Bayan Baru Hall from 11am-1pm. If you need directions to the venue, please contact Penny. Attendance is compulsory! If in any case you can't make it, please inform either Penny or Chris ASAP.

The other major event that's happening this week is Gateway Sports Network's Chinese New Year Party! Since GSN is covering Spearhead Floorball Club, all of you are cordially invited and encouraged to come for this party! This event is in conjunction with the festive season of CNY with the purpose of just chilling out together, getting to know one another with loads of good food and some crazy games. This event is organized by GSN for all sports enthusiasts and not merely confined to floorballers.

Details as below:
Date: 20th February 2010, Saturday
Time: 6pm-9pm
Venue: University Heights Condominium (Poolside area), Jalan Sungai Dua, 11700, Penang (Located directly opposite USM Sungai Dua main gate).

Come join the fun! It's not often we get to meet together other than floorball training. If we train together as a team, we must also have fun together as a team. So, don't miss out on this peeps! Please RSVP your attendance via this facebook event:

http://www.facebook.com - GSN's CNY Party!

See ya'll this Saturday then!


Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Year of the Tiger!

Gong Xi! Gong Xi! Yes, the festive season of Chinese New Year is just around the corner. To all the students, happy holiday! :)

This week, Spearhead had its training session on a rather unusual day - Tuesday afternoon. Reason being, this coming Saturday will be Chinese New Year Eve and therefore, we won't be having any training. The replacement training on Tuesday saw only a handful of people with the rest getting caught up with tuition and school work.

This year is the year of the Tiger. Tiger usually represents something powerful, a force to be reckoned with. Similarly, 2010 is the year Spearhead makes its mark in the Penang Floorball scene. Just like the tiger, we want to be a powerful force - a leading element - one that will have a wave of impact in the floorball scene.

Why is a tiger fierce and powerful? Simply because he knows what he can do. More importantly, he knows that he is a Tiger. Do you know what you can do in Spearhead? Do you know the potential that you have? Each of you have the capacity to be a Tiger!

So to all Spearhead members, when you go for your Chinese New Year visits and if you do see a Tiger picture around somewhere, think about Spearhead.

Be the Tiger.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Weekday Training!

Hear ye'! Hear ye'!
To all Spearhead members!

Please take note that the next Spearhead training session will be held on the 9th February 2010, Tuesday, from 3pm-5pm at Red Crescent. So, please arrange your own transport ya'. If you can't make it for some reasons, please inform either Coach Chris or Coach Penny as soon as possible.

As the Penang Floorball League Division II is drawing near, training sessions from hence forth will be crucial and the intensity will be higher. Commitment will be an essential attitude that we will need as a team if we want to achieve unity, and unity to victory. So be ready team!

Spearhead made their first “Contact”!

Spearhead ventured out on their first ever friendly match, making their first “contact” with another club in Penang, last Saturday, 30th January 2010, at Rifle Range Hall. We had the privilege of meeting team Contact in the friendly, a team whom we can learn a lot from. Considering that it was our first outing, it was definitely a good start for us!

Friendly matches are arranged for different purposes. Likewise, we too came with certain objectives in mind for the team and for the players as well. The friendly match came with 3 main objectives.

Being the first friendly match for the club, it served primarily as a platform for each player to gain a better understanding of the game in an ‘official’ setting. Every player was given the opportunity to play.

Even though it was a friendly match, every player was expected to give their all, hence, the match also served as an evaluation of the team and the individuals. As Spearhead continues to progress in the right direction, the club will eventually multiply into different lines of players. Therefore, this friendly also served as a ‘test’ or evaluation in regards to the players’ performance and the team as a whole in effort to see how Spearhead can be gelled together in a tighter team play.

This friendly, although it may seemed like a insignificant event, marked our presence in the Penang floorball scene. It’s important to all Spearhead members to understand that we have made our presence felt and from hence forth, to further establish ourselves as a team to be reckon with and as a team to lead the advancement of floorball in Penang. WE need to walk in our identity as a Spearhead member and be proud of it!

On the match itself, team Contact, a far more experienced team with relatively better technical and tactical individuals, went on cruise control early in the game. Line 1 of Spearhead – consisted of Ruben, Calvin, Daniel, Syahmi and Jay-Sern – did give a few good scares in the first period with their very energetic and persistent runs. Line 2 – consisted of Mikhail, Hafiz, Farhail, Aziz and Kevin (substituted by Syamim) – also displayed a gallant spirit, giving 110% effort in trying to bring down the offensive line of team Contact. Bravo! The girls’ line, line 3 – consisted of Amelia, Cindy, Edith, Winnie (substituted by Lai Sin) and Nia – and they were more aggressive than usual! They rose up to the occasion with their no-nonsense play, standing tough against Contact players and they were adamant not to be pushed around. Great job girls’! Keep it up!

This is only our first friendly. There will be more to come. And as we slowly develop and grow toegether, we will be setting higher and bigger goals so as to challenge ourselves not merely to be good player but to be great players with great characters.

Remember team, never give up even though the scoreline may be 10-0. Scores are visuals measurements of what a team can do, but characters are the essence of what a team is made of. Our aim is to constantly move forward, to be a leading element. Therefore, moving backwards is NOT an option.

Why?... Simply because...

We are Spearhead.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Friendly Match Coming Up!

Calling out to all Spearhead!

Please be informed that there will be a friendly match this coming Saturday, 30th January 2010, 10.45am-1pm, at Rifle Range Hall! Everyone is already itching to play after last week's cancellation of training :) So team, be prepared to turn on the heat against team Contact this coming Saturday!

Please be prepared to stay a little longer for debriefing and announcements. We have some interesting events/news coming up.

NOTE: Map to the venue as below!

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Replacement school!

To all Spearhead,

Please take note that training this Saturday, 23rd January 2010, has been cancelled due to the replacement school session for both BJ and CGL.

Training will resume once again on the following Saturday, 30th January 2010. Please check your e-mail and stay tune on the blog for further updates. Exciting events lined up!


Sunday, 17 January 2010


Another great week of training! A few new faces turned up too! Oh, and if you're wondering why suddenly we have pictures posted on our blog, well, Spearhead managed to rope in our first official photographer - Winnie - Thanks! :)

Coach Edward giving some pointers.

Training was good. Even though it was only our second training since we started, the team has shown improvement. Ball handling was much smoother than when they first held the stick, they ran more aggressively during drills and game time and of course, they weren't as quiet as when they first came :P Adding all these together, it showed a good sign of progress.

Getting into the game!

This week, we learn that floorball isn't all about possessing good ball control, great passing skills or power shots. It's also about harnessing your full body capacity to play well. Penny planned some drills that turned out to be "competitive drills". Players had to actually do some serious push-ups and after that execute a full-sprint! Bravo to everyone for pushing yourselves!

Determination is an asset!

Keep it up! :)

Why so serious??....

NOT!!! :P

Spearhead Floorball Club!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Spearhead advancing forth!

A new year, a new team.
Spearhead Floorball Club is officially the latest team in town!

A club birthed directly from Gateway Sports Network (GSN), Spearhead Floorball Club met up for the first time last Saturday morning with a total number of 21 players. Brace yourself peeps, more are expected to come in the coming weeks! A good number of Spearhead members were recruited from Bukit Jambul school and Convent Green Lane. It was good to see that even though it was our first meeting, people are already getting excited for what's to come.

GSN, the sports organization that will be empowering, governing and coaching Spearhead Floorball Club is immensely excited for the club as well. GSN truly believe that this team and the ndividuals who step into the club will go through a journey of empowerment through the means of sports, in this case, floorball. GSN's tag line goes, "Building Champions". Therefore, Spearhead being under the banner of GSN, also believes in it. Spearhead Floorball Club will charge forward to be a team that is the leading element in the floorball scene, a team with champion mindset, champion attitude and champion spirit.

Spearhead Floorball Club is expected to blossom into a team that will be making a strong mark in the floorball scene. As we work towards that direction as a team, let's prepare ourselves for what lies ahead. To prepare ourselves, let's be ready to be committed to the team. Spearhead wants to move forward with each of you, but are you in it for the team? C'mon fellow Spearheads! Let's rise up to the occasion!

Spearhead, advancing forward!