Thursday, 4 February 2010

Spearhead made their first “Contact”!

Spearhead ventured out on their first ever friendly match, making their first “contact” with another club in Penang, last Saturday, 30th January 2010, at Rifle Range Hall. We had the privilege of meeting team Contact in the friendly, a team whom we can learn a lot from. Considering that it was our first outing, it was definitely a good start for us!

Friendly matches are arranged for different purposes. Likewise, we too came with certain objectives in mind for the team and for the players as well. The friendly match came with 3 main objectives.

Being the first friendly match for the club, it served primarily as a platform for each player to gain a better understanding of the game in an ‘official’ setting. Every player was given the opportunity to play.

Even though it was a friendly match, every player was expected to give their all, hence, the match also served as an evaluation of the team and the individuals. As Spearhead continues to progress in the right direction, the club will eventually multiply into different lines of players. Therefore, this friendly also served as a ‘test’ or evaluation in regards to the players’ performance and the team as a whole in effort to see how Spearhead can be gelled together in a tighter team play.

This friendly, although it may seemed like a insignificant event, marked our presence in the Penang floorball scene. It’s important to all Spearhead members to understand that we have made our presence felt and from hence forth, to further establish ourselves as a team to be reckon with and as a team to lead the advancement of floorball in Penang. WE need to walk in our identity as a Spearhead member and be proud of it!

On the match itself, team Contact, a far more experienced team with relatively better technical and tactical individuals, went on cruise control early in the game. Line 1 of Spearhead – consisted of Ruben, Calvin, Daniel, Syahmi and Jay-Sern – did give a few good scares in the first period with their very energetic and persistent runs. Line 2 – consisted of Mikhail, Hafiz, Farhail, Aziz and Kevin (substituted by Syamim) – also displayed a gallant spirit, giving 110% effort in trying to bring down the offensive line of team Contact. Bravo! The girls’ line, line 3 – consisted of Amelia, Cindy, Edith, Winnie (substituted by Lai Sin) and Nia – and they were more aggressive than usual! They rose up to the occasion with their no-nonsense play, standing tough against Contact players and they were adamant not to be pushed around. Great job girls’! Keep it up!

This is only our first friendly. There will be more to come. And as we slowly develop and grow toegether, we will be setting higher and bigger goals so as to challenge ourselves not merely to be good player but to be great players with great characters.

Remember team, never give up even though the scoreline may be 10-0. Scores are visuals measurements of what a team can do, but characters are the essence of what a team is made of. Our aim is to constantly move forward, to be a leading element. Therefore, moving backwards is NOT an option.

Why?... Simply because...

We are Spearhead.

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