Sunday, 7 March 2010

Historic moment: Spearhead & Trailblazers, marching forward!

6th March 2010.

Remember this particular date...

Because Spearhead Floorball Club has made history! Yes, we finally made our official maiden appearance in the Penang Floorball scene as we played our first ever Penang Floorball League Division II match. And there's no better way to officiate our appearance other than playing against/together with our fellow team mates! Spearhead versus Trailblazers! What a way to start the league! This is the beginning of our journey as a team. Let's stand united as we march forward for greater things ahead!

It really was quite an auspicious match for both Spearhead and Trailblazers. Not only did we play our first match together but we also donned our jersey and t-shirt for the first time ever! Woohoo! Red represents the colour of strength and energy, power and determination. White on the other hand represents positive character, something we emphasize a lot as a team! Red and white together represents the essence of Spearhead Floorball Club!

Everyone seems stressed out... First match jitters!

On second thought, maybe not... :P

Everybody seemed a little jittery being on a full size court for the first time. Understandably so but everyone settled in eventually and played fairly well! In hindsight, it was a blessing in disguise that we got to play against each other. It helped all of us to get a good feel of the court and to know how the game is conducted. Be sure that the intensity of the league will definitely pick up from hence forth! Playing against other teams in the league will definitely be a test. Through the coming matches, let's play to win and play to learn. Winning without learning is a loss in itself. So make sure that each time we step into a match, learn from each other, learn from your opponents and learn from your mistakes! Keep it up Spearhead and Trailblazers!

In regards to the game, Spearhead took control majority of the match while Trailblazers gave them some good scares here and there. But as mentioned, this is only the first match and more challenging teams await us. It's a good start for both teams but the real test will come soon! So, be excited! We must really applaud a few people here.

Winnie, Goalkeeper for Trailblazers!
GREAT JOB, Winnie! This stand-in goalkeeper has no experience and yet was willing to be the last wall of defence for the sake of the team. *Salute*Salute*. It's always satisfying to see players who are willing to give a shot at something new for the sake of the team and this time, Winnie was that person. Keep it up!

Amelia Lim - Man (Woman :P) Match for Team Trailblazers!
This girl may seem friendly and smiley from the outside but when she's on court, you better not mess around with her! She showed physical toughness in the game and wasn't afraid to go for the ball even though she was playing against people twice her size! Very passionate and sporting! Keep it up!

Kevin Low Soon Wei - Man of the Match for Team Spearhead!
He's been playing floorball for hardly 4 months but has shown great interest and commitment to the team (bought new stick some more :P). Playing the forward position, he made some good runs today and took some good shots at goal. Good job! Keep up the goalscoring streak!

Above all, we want to say a big JOB WELL DONE to both Spearhead and Trailblazers members! Don't ever think that just because you weren't awarded the man of the match title meant that you did not do well. Not true! Everyone plays an important role. Know that all of you contributed to the team and that's what is most important when we come together as a team. Always remember this;

We win and lose together as a team because in Spearhead Floorball Club,
it's the TEAM that makes the player a star and
not the player that makes the team a star.

Cause' that's the way we roll yo'!


And one for the family!

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