Sunday, 28 March 2010

A Learning Curve

After much anticipation over the match against FireBRANDS, team Spearhead finally experienced their first defeat in the PFL Div II. Indeed, it is a painful pill to swallow. But once again, it must be acknowledged that team Spearhead played really well. No doubt that everyone gave all they could give for the cause of the team. Great play, team! Dont' be discouraged by the scoreline but instead, be encouraged on the gradual progress and improvement all of you are showing after each and every game. Keep it up! We must also congratulate FireBRANDS for an excellent game. Great game!

All set to start the game!

It's never easy losing games. Truth is, losing without learning is the real loss BUT if you learn a thing or two in your losses, then you have actually won something back in return. So team, learn from the experience. Don't be bogged down by the defeat, but reflect and think back what you can learn from that and how you can use that experience to improve yourself as a player and as a team. We need to constantly be moving forward in our learning curve if we ever want to be a good player and a great team.

Team Spearhead, playing with their hearts out!

There are a 2 key things we can learn from the game which we need to learn to apply so that we can better ourselves and the team.

1. Our actions as a player/individual will and can affect the entire team.
Spearhead is a TEAM, not an individual.

Remember, whatever we do as a player or as an individual will and can affect the team as a whole. If we are to put our team first, then we must always be careful in the things that we say and do both on-court and off-court. We must learn not to jeopardize our team with our actions because at Spearhead Floorball Club, the team comes first.

Let's learn to think as a TEAM and not as an individual.

2. Communication is crucial
To be a strong and tight team altogether, communication is everything. No team can survive without talking to one another.

During the match against FireBRANDS, we made numerous mistakes in our substitutions due to the lack of communication in the team. Players got confused as to who they should change with. and the direct consequence to that was a 2 minutes penalty bench. A hard lesson but a good one to learn from.

As a team, we must learn to communicate both on-court and off-court. We must learn to listen to one another. Players must also learn to communicate with their coaches. If communication is strong in a team, it will help the team to grow a whole lot faster and to function a whole lot smoother. There is a saying that goes, "Effective teams have teammates who are constantly talking to one another".

Team, let's start communicating!

Learning together from the game.

We are gradually growing as a team and that is a positive sign. As long as we are moving forward towards the right direction together, then we are good. Job well done in the game against FireBRANDS, team. Don't be disheartened by the scoreline. Use the scoreline as a boost to push you harder in training. Turn the negative energy into a positive one! Think about the game and think how you can learn from it - Reflection brings about correction, correction brings about perfection! ;)

We have two more games to go peeps. Continue to focus on what's ahead. Training will intensify in itself. So prepare yourself, exciting times ahead!

Who are we??!!


Kenny Khoo said...

Go Spearheads!!!! Losing is part and parcel of the game and indeed it is well written in this post. Learning from it and grow from there.

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i like the first picture... lol