Sunday, 17 January 2010


Another great week of training! A few new faces turned up too! Oh, and if you're wondering why suddenly we have pictures posted on our blog, well, Spearhead managed to rope in our first official photographer - Winnie - Thanks! :)

Coach Edward giving some pointers.

Training was good. Even though it was only our second training since we started, the team has shown improvement. Ball handling was much smoother than when they first held the stick, they ran more aggressively during drills and game time and of course, they weren't as quiet as when they first came :P Adding all these together, it showed a good sign of progress.

Getting into the game!

This week, we learn that floorball isn't all about possessing good ball control, great passing skills or power shots. It's also about harnessing your full body capacity to play well. Penny planned some drills that turned out to be "competitive drills". Players had to actually do some serious push-ups and after that execute a full-sprint! Bravo to everyone for pushing yourselves!

Determination is an asset!

Keep it up! :)

Why so serious??....

NOT!!! :P

Spearhead Floorball Club!

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