Sunday, 10 January 2010

Spearhead advancing forth!

A new year, a new team.
Spearhead Floorball Club is officially the latest team in town!

A club birthed directly from Gateway Sports Network (GSN), Spearhead Floorball Club met up for the first time last Saturday morning with a total number of 21 players. Brace yourself peeps, more are expected to come in the coming weeks! A good number of Spearhead members were recruited from Bukit Jambul school and Convent Green Lane. It was good to see that even though it was our first meeting, people are already getting excited for what's to come.

GSN, the sports organization that will be empowering, governing and coaching Spearhead Floorball Club is immensely excited for the club as well. GSN truly believe that this team and the ndividuals who step into the club will go through a journey of empowerment through the means of sports, in this case, floorball. GSN's tag line goes, "Building Champions". Therefore, Spearhead being under the banner of GSN, also believes in it. Spearhead Floorball Club will charge forward to be a team that is the leading element in the floorball scene, a team with champion mindset, champion attitude and champion spirit.

Spearhead Floorball Club is expected to blossom into a team that will be making a strong mark in the floorball scene. As we work towards that direction as a team, let's prepare ourselves for what lies ahead. To prepare ourselves, let's be ready to be committed to the team. Spearhead wants to move forward with each of you, but are you in it for the team? C'mon fellow Spearheads! Let's rise up to the occasion!

Spearhead, advancing forward!

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